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Casa ​Nacura is a Healing Oasis, specialized in Individual Retreats - a family project based on the loving principles of caring for the Earth and all living creatures. Our mission is to offer each of our guests a unique and personalized experience, receiving them into our family  and sharing with them our lifestyle. Those who stay here have the opportunity of learning about plant based nutrition, about wild plants, about yoga and meditation, about how to manage a house in a more ecological fashion and so many other small things that help us having a simpler but happier life. Here we breathe quietness, magic and self care. It is the perfect place to realign with the heart and recenter. It is also the perfect place for those who are looking for support during a life crisis or simply find a new purpose in life.

Occasionally, we also organize and/or host Group Retreats and Workshops, always connected to the topic of physical, mental and emotional well being of the person. As a complement to our work, we also offer several services and therapies that include, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Theta Healing, Sacred and Devotional Chanting and Plant Based Nutrition and Cooking Classes.

Our kitchen is run by our amazing Italian Chef, who specializes in natural, whole meal, plant based cuisine. Because food is also medicine, every meal is prepared with love and carefully planned to meet our nutritional needs; ingredients are organic and locally sourced as much as possible.

We are located in the SW of Portugal, more precisely in the surroundings of Odemira in the region of low Alentejo and Costa Vicentina, known for its breath taking ocean beaches and crystal clear river Mira. We are guardians and care keepers of a magical piece of land rich in water and biodiversity, with beautiful ancient Sobreiros - cork oaks - watching over our Casa, gardens and orchards. Here in this space, our guests can enjoy silence and an environment of peace, love and harmony. Casa Nacura is a place that invites reflection and transformation, that nurtures, relaxes and recharges.

​We believe that Earth is a living, breathing entity, and in the same way She supports us with Her abundance, we believe it is our duty to support Her back. In Casa Nacura we apply regenerative systems and are working towards Reforesting and Regenerating our land, using and applying principles of Permaculture such as Sustainability, Ecology, Agroforestry and Regenerative Agriculture. By doing so, we create a natural oasis where we can fulfill our soul purpose of helping people healing their heart, hence, their lives.

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