What do you feel when you stare at a flower, or when you walk upon a wild flower field during Spring? For many centuries, many different human cultures have recognized the healing power of nature. Flowers uplift us and touch us deeply. They interact with us on an invisible level, raising our vibration. 

In the beginning of the XXth century Edward Bach, a medical doctor, bacteriologist and homeopath, became fascinated by the healing power of flowers. He started experimenting with flower essences and noticed that these essences were able to improve the emotional landscape of his patients, allowing them to have significant improvements in their lives. He then went on to establish a system of flower essences that is now known as Bach Flowers

The Bach Flowers are used in the alternative or complimentary treatment of emotional problems. The principle behind them is that each flower has a specific therapeutic potential. Bach believed that when we take a flower essence, the spirit of the plant engages with the human spirit, creating a communion. This communion is able to provide nurturing and sustenance to our emotional system, calming and even healing negative emotions, bringing back balance between the body, emotions and spirit. 

Edward Bach established a system of 38 flower essences, in which each of these essences works a specific set of emotions. As an example, the essence Mimulus is used to address fears and insecurities, providing courage and self reassurance. On the other hand, the essence Crab Apple is used in situations in which there is lack of self acceptance (for example the lack of acceptance of a part of our bodies). In these situations this essence will help cultivate a greater sense of self-acceptance and self-love. 

The Bach Flowers system works with the vibrational energy of each flower and the memory of the water. When talking about water memory, it is worth to remember the experiments of Masaru Emoto, in Japan. Emoto studied the effects of music, words and flowers on water, by observing the snowflake-like patterns that emerged from water crystals that had been exposed to  those elements. During the process of elaboration of Bach Flower essences,  the spiritual energy of each flower is imprinted and transferred to the water memory. These essences are then preserved with brandy so that they can then be used for healing at a later stage. 

The Bach Flowers work on a vibrational, subtle level and are deprived of any active principles. This makes them free of counter indications and 100% safe for adults, children, animals and even plants. The flower essences can be used in emergency situations, life crises, or simply as an aid in the process of inner growth and discovery. The work of the Bach Flower therapist is to analyse the emotional landscape of the person who is looking for help, and through this assessment make a selection of essences that will be joined in one final solution to be taken on a daily basis, in the form of drop. 

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