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Casa Nacura

Reiki 1 - The Path to Self-Healing (Retreat) / 1-3 May 2020

A short retreat for those that want to start their journey on the Reiki path.

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Reiki 1 - The Path to Self-Healing (Retreat)  /  1-3 May 2020

Time & Location

Periodical event. Stay tuned for next dates

Casa Nacura, Luzianes-gare, Portugal

About the Event

\\\ These events will be guided in Portuguese and English. ///

Reiki is a Japanese healing system of extreme ease and power, that is done by the imposition of hands. It is based on the principle that there is a life force energy that flows through us and every living being in the universe. What Reiki does is to channel an increased amount of life force energy into our bodies, removing the blockages that may exist and restoring the free flow of life energy in our systems. This translates into a much greater sense of wellbeing, calm, peace, joy and health.  This Retreat is dedicated to the Theory, Practice and Attunement of Reiki 1. Reiki is a very simple technique, easy to learn and it is not dependent on one's religious belifes, intelectual capacity or spiritual development. The first level of Reiki is primarily focused on Self-Healing and the attunement itself brings incredible healing and benefits for the ones recieving it. Reiki is a beautiful gift and a life changing path. For more information on Reiki and Reiki courses, please click here.

The beautiful landscape of our land, and the complete immersion in nature, sets the tone for this event. During the Retreat are included practices of yoga and meditation to balance and open our systems, and get us ready to recieve the full benefits of the Reiki Energy. The meals are tasty and plant based, prepared by our resident Italian Chef. And there is always enough time to rest and enjoy walks in nature.

This is an event that we repeat periodically so stay tuned for the next dates by subscribing to our mailing list (at the bottom of the page) and/or contact us to show us your interest.

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