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Image by Ksenia Makagonova

Personalised Retreats are an incredible opportunity for you to get the best out of your stay at Casa Nacura and experience a full immersion retreat, tailored exclusively to your needs.

We offer a safe, loving and nurturing environment where to reconnect and recharge, in deep connection with nature. A quiet and relaxing oasis rich in magic and biodiversity where to learn to take better care of yourself and to heal your wounds, under our loving guidance and the abundant wisdom of Mother Earth. Our mission is to provide to each of our guests a unique and personalized experience, receiving them in our family and sharing with them our lifestyle. Those who stay here have the opportunity to learn about plant based food and nutrition, about wild plants, about meditation, about yoga, about how to manage a house in a more sustainable way and so many other things that help us having a simpler but happier life. Here you will find a quiet, magic and loving environment. It is the perfect place to rest deeply, get closer to a slower lifestyle that is more aligned with the heart, but it is also perfect for those who are looking for support during a life crisis, or are simply looking for a new purpose in life.


Other than food and accommodation, we also offer a wide variety of practices and therapies that help connect souls and heal hearts. Our Personalised Retreats are designed to cater to the specific needs of those who come to us. With this in mind, the first thing we do when we are contacted about such retreats is to establish a previous dialogue to understand the intentions of our client/s. Then, based on those intentions, we suggest a personalised program for their stay. As part of the Retreat Program, there could be some of the following services and therapies:



Theta Healing

Bach Flowers Therapy

Yoga and Meditation

Nutrition/Cooking classes

Herbal supplements, sacred chanting and many others. 

The prices are of course dependent on the specific program and are presented together with the program proposal.


So, come alone, with your partner or bring your family and/or friends with you. The choice is only yours. We are here to guide your steps and help you navigating through the difficult or confusing times you are experiencing offering full support and wisdom


If you would like to organize your own Personalised Retreat, please contact us for your personalised program. We would love to hear from you!

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