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Image by Priscilla Du Preez

A Women Circle is a gathering for women, with women. 

Since the beginning of times, women have gathered to share knowledge and skills. Women get recharged when they are together. They bring each other up. Any time women get together to be fully present with one another, to share and hold space for each other, a Circle happens.
Nowadays, with the awakening of the Sacred Feminine in the world, more and more Women get together in Circles. Many of these circles are spontaneous or non structured events, where Women simply gather to be together, to share their visions and what is happening in their emotional landscape. These often involve dialogue, singing or dancing and the sharing of food. 

The Healing and Empowering Women Circles that Ana Bindu guides are structured around specific topics, that vary from circle to circle. They are an amazing  opportunity for growth and development, surrounded and supported by other women, in sisterhood. The common denominator for these Circles is the healing of the wounds left in each Women by centuries of patriarchal dominance, the awakening of the true Feminine Essence in all its shapes and energies, and the reclamation of one's personal power. Through guided visualizations, targeted questions and discussions, journalling, exercises and other healing techniques, Bindu guides Women through a journey of self- discovery, deconditioning rooted limiting beliefs and replacing them by more positive ones, cultivating self-love and self-worth. A path that ultimately leads to living a life that is more whole, more full, more joyful and more aligned with the self. 
Bellow you can find an example of a guided meditation led by Bindu. Press play, close your eyes and allow yourself to be guided by her voice.

Bindu guides circles both in person or online. If you would like to participate in an Healing and Empowering Women Circle guided by Bindu, feel free to contact us and ask us for the upcoming circles. 

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