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Hello! We are grateful for your visit. 

We are moving into a new Online Temple. Please subscribe to our Mailing List to be notified when the new website comes out. Meanwhile, you're welcome to browse our current Online Programs bellow 

Thank you for your understading.


Ana Bindu
Holistic Therapist & Herbalist

Wisdom Keeper, Medicine Woman, Reiki Teacher, Theta Healer, Bach Flowers Therapist, Life Coach and Herbalist. Passionate about Wild Herbs, Yoga and the Natural World.

Davide Formicola
Natural Chef & Permaculture Designer

Food Alchemist, Plant based Natural Chef, Nutritional Advisor, Gardener and Permaculture Designer. Passionate about Spices, Land Regeneration and Sustainable Agriculture.

Mascot & Guardian

Teacher of the Art of Being Present and in Harmony with Nature, Loving Mascot and Fierce Guardian. Passionate about Hiking, Chasing Lizards and Cuddling on Blankets and Pillows.  


My stay at Casa Nacura has been so deeply nourishing for my heart and soul. I had just gone through a painful break-up and my time there has helped me to reconnect to my essence and has prepared me for my new future.



I can't recommend Casa Nacura enough. It is an oasis for body, mind and soul and the hosts, Bindu and Davide, are so warm, welcoming and nourishing. Davide makes the most delicious vegan food and Bindu has held me beautifully throughout my process, through Reiki, sacred chanting, yoga and much more.


The land here is beautiful. The night sky is full of star. I leave with more beuty, peace and well-being, inside and out. I can't recommend Casa Nacura enough. Thanks so much for my stay!” 


—  Amy (Australia)




Casa Nacura

Vale Fontes, 7665-891 Luzianes Gare, Odemira, PORTUGAL 

Tel: (+351)283933229

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