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There are no coincidences! If you’re on that side and you follow us it’s because you value your inner work and your personal development. It’s because you are constantly thriving to become a better version of yourself.

You’re not alone. I too share this drive and I know it’s not easy to choose among the many offers that can be found online. I remember participating in many beautiful workshops, from which I would come out feeling super motivated and inspired, thinking “ah yes, this time I’ll be able to change… This time I will be able to change to do differently”. And of course, the work I had just done had a positive impact.

But the commitment and dedication needed to produce a deep and lasting change is enormous. The work has to be constant. And therefore, many times I would end up feeling alone and unsupported on my path. As dedicated as I was, I always felt that there was a truly ongoing support that could help me and guide me in integrating the transformation lived in these workshops into my daily life.

Because it is this integration that really makes a difference and produces deep, long lasting change.

That is way I decided to create a program in which I offer constant guidance, personalized support every step of the way. This is how “Florescer” was born – a program that combines Bach Flower Therapy, with all my experience, knowledge and dedication, in a 6-month journey of learning and expansion that will change your life!

Along the way you will have the opportunity to work in areas such as self-love, self-confidence, intuition, strength, courage, determination, motivation and many others, in a process that will help you live a lighter, brighter and more joyful life.

This is a unique opportunity to work very closely and intimately with me, under my guidance and constant support. With my full dedication. An incredible process of transformation! A deep dive into yourself, from which you will come out completely reborn.

This program is for you if...

  • You want to experience a deep and longlasting transformation

  • You want to be completely held and guided during this process of transformation

  • You want to learn tools that will allow you to activate your personal power and work on your energy daily

  •  You want to change your perspective in life

  • You want to feel more self-love, more self-confidence and more confidence in your abilities

  • You want to feel more motivations and more energy

  • You want to have the courage to make a change in your life

  • You want to invite more lightness and more joy into your life

  • You want to live a more balanced and happier life

What is included?

  • 4 online and individual Bach Flower sessions

  • 4 personalized Bach Flowers Mixtures, sent by registered mail to your doorstep (if you're in Portugal)

  • 6 months of individual, personalized support via WhatsApp chat qith practices, exercises, mantras and lots of magic, all catered to your individual needs and curcumstances

  • Access to the Casa Nacura WhatsApp group where you will recieve daily mantras and esclusive content

  • Exclusive offers in all Bindu's services and products


622 euros ou 355 x 2 installments

Bonus for enrolments from the 28th to the 30th of March: 2 free months of Bindu's free Membership (an online program for women in which we work on our feminine energy and on the limiting beliefs that prevent us from living a more fullfiling life.


Ana Bindu is love, she is like an embrace and an enormous sense of healing. I loved receiving Ana's support and I love taking my drops daily, in addition to drinking more water, they do me a lot of good.” Inês Cancela

What I value most in the relationship with the other is their listening, their time, their presence and their care. I find that wholeness in you, Ana, and it gives me the security and confidence to listen and openly and generously accept every piece of advice, every suggestion, every indication that comes from your work. You walk alongside those who seek you without ever ceasing to nurture and care for us until we have found our way. I am grateful!  Alexandra Jesus

When I'm with Bindu I always feel like a ray of sunshine. One of those first rays right after winter. One of those we long for and that warms the body and soul. I don't know how to explain it very well but I feel this way. If I think of a single word to describe her, I think of light. She has the ability to listen with her skin and with her heart, unhurriedly, as few people can. Cristina Marques


In a moment of my life when I felt suffocated, I asked for help and you, my dear, helped me, by listening to me and speaking affectionately with a lot of love in your voice. From then on, I felt much better, with the strength to continue fighting in my daily life. I am grateful to God for putting you in my path, because I know, if I need you, I can count on you. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Isabel


If you feel ready to start this incredible journey, please fill in the form bellow and we will get in touch to book the first appointment and organise payment. 

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Amazing! Congratulations for chosing yourself! Bindu is honoured to guide you and this journey and is grateful for your trust. We will get in touch shortly to book your first appointment and discuss payment details.

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